Putting the FUN in FUN and FRIENDS!

No two children are the same, therefore FUN and FRIENDS is flexible, the goal being to meet the needs of each child. FUN and FRIENDS is designed to be supportive, celebrating who the child IS, while encouraging and providing new skills to stretch and grow. And grow. And grow!

Depending on the individual situation, there may be an initial consult with a chance to meet the child. Often a session is one-on-one outings to favorite places. Puppet shows, library, iceskating, a pet store- the imagination's the limit! These can be important in such things as engagement, anxiety reduction, and joint attention. Facilitated playdates can also take place 'out and about,' or at one of the children's homes.


Social skills groups consist of up to 5 children and include a variety of activities that include art, music, cooking, and dramatic play.