Stacey S. Horn

Graduate of:

North Carolina School of the Arts 

    Concentration in violin performance


Kendall College

    Concentration in special education


Meadowmount School of Music


Brevard Music School


Active in the Floortime Foundation

    DIR/Floortime Model


Supporting the social and educational needs of children in early childhood settings, Stacey has developed an individual child-centered approach, building and expanding on the uniqueness each child possesses.

Specializing in on-site preschool child development, Stacey is involved in early intervention and inclusion programs.

It is her belief that social and emotional development are the building blocks on which further necessary skills balance, (gross and fine motor skills, language development, discovery and cognititve skills)  Stacey integrates within this philosophy, the use of the Floortime method, as developed by Stanley Greenspan. Her study of the Floortime method has included attending private sessions led by Stanley Greenspan , Serena Weider, and Jake Greenspan

Stacey is a qualified educator experienced in developmental play with over 10 years of experience.




Developmental Play Therapy

  • Strengths-based approach to the development of play skills
  • Develop strategies for initiating and responding appropriately to play invitations and gestures
  • Explore and expand current play preferences
  • Develop social, communicative and play competence
  • Explore challenging educational concepts through interest-based thematic play scenarios

Peer Play Sessions

  • Establish friendships during co-operative play partnerships. Bring a friend or meet a new one!
  • Engage in positive play interactions during supportive facilitated play groups
  • Develop flexibility and adaptability skills
  • Explore and develop problem solving skills through experimentation and exploratory play



For more information please contact Stacey Horn

P: (202) 380.5495